How We Busted A Taiwan Phone Scam Syndicate | Catching A Scammer | Full Episode

What does it take to catch a scammer?

The first episode takes us to Taiwan – home to the some of the world’s most sophisticated phone scam syndicates. What have the police & prosecutors learnt after spending decades in a cat-and-mouse game with them?

One syndicate is now targeting Singapore. You might even have picked up a call like that – they first impersonate staff from Ministry of Health, but later discovers that “China police” is looking for you. And once you are tricked, you’d be transferring your life savings to them for investigation.

Police and prosecutors across Taiwan and Singapore sit down with us to share the inside story. With just the victims’ phones, how do they weed out the scam call centres hidden deep within Taiwan? And why is it a nail-biting process to prove the crooks have done it, even after catching them in the act?

And more importantly, how do we get all that scammed money back?

About the show: Investigators behind Asia’s biggest scam busts reveal nail-biting and unreal details of their hunt in this three-part docuseries.
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