Catching Singapore’s Very Own ‘Tinder Swindler’ | Catching A Scammer | Full Episode

Jerald Low is not your typical scammer. He doesn’t hide behind screens, nor try to lure you in with anonymous phone calls.

He is an old schoolmate hoping to reconnect. Or the colleague who just started, eager to please. Or your new date from a dating app.

All seems usual until he reveals that he is a rich Korean heir, an up-and-coming young entrepreneur, and a promising business partner. Who is Jerald Low really, and how did he cheat over 10 victims of more than US$100,000?

Victims, police investigators and lawyers unravel and trace through the serial swindler’s web of lies to uncover: How did he engineer his schemes? What made him so believable to his victims? What did it take for the police to eventually nab him?

Also get a rare inside look into the psyche of the conman himself. Speaking from within the confines of Changi Prison where he now serves his sentence, Jerald opens up about what drove him to committing these crimes, and what inspired them in the first place.

About the show: Investigators behind Asia’s biggest scam busts reveal nail-biting and unreal details of their hunt in this three-part docuseries.
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