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00:00 Intro
00:48 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Here’s a trick to get FAST/QUICK muscle gains. Pick an exercise you suck at, practice it, and get good at it!
09:22 Sal is reaping the benefits from short/frequent workouts.
18:56 How much can the top trainers charge per session?
20:23 Who is winning the bet between Adam and Sal?
24:47 Sal details his recent trip to LA. Meeting Mike O’Hearn and his experience at Lewis Howes podcast studio.
31:54 Get ATTENTION, get an AUDIENCE.
35:29 Is chivalry dead?
36:44 Get your meatballs and turkeys from Butcher Box!
40:03 Quantum mechanics is weird.
44:19 There is a reason why ALL business inquiries go through Adam.
47:30 Justin’s Halloween spooktacular!
52:02 How kindness can change a life and it comes from a gym.

54:35 Quah question #1 – What are the best ways for a female to get lean/muscular arms without looking too bulky while trying to build muscle overall? Especially for women with broad shoulders.
1:02:18 Quah question #2 – What are your thoughts about workouts in a sauna? I see a lot of these places opening up.
1:07:05 Quah question #3 – What are your thoughts on the women’s “cycle training”?
1:11:25 Quah question #4 – When will you bring your wives in as guests?

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People Mentioned
Jordan Shallow D.C (@the_muscle_doc) Instagram
Layne Norton, Ph.D. (@biolayne) Instagram
Eugene Teo (@coacheugeneteo) Instagram
Mike O’Hearn (@mikeohearn) Instagram
Lewis Howes (@lewishowes) Instagram
Alex Hormozi (@hormozi) Instagram
Dr. John Delony (@johndelony) Instagram
Jordan Peterson (@jordan.b.peterson) Instagram
Dr. Rhonda Patrick (@foundmyfitness) Instagram





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