NBA Trainer REVEALS Performance Training Secrets of the World’s Best Athletes | Cory Schlesinger

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00:00 Intro
00:46 If you stick out like a nail, you’re going to get hammered.
06:50 How to reverse engineer ‘special’ athletes.
13:45 Why you got to give athletes what they DON’T get.
18:16 Why is the sneaker trend now low tops in the NBA?
20:00 The evolutions of strength training in basketball.
23:25 Personal highlights watching the game and being a part of a ‘winning’ culture.
26:18 The strange environment of playing in the ‘bubble’.
29:55 Would he change his approach if he were to work with college athletes again?
37:20 Exposing to the rest of the world that basketball players lift weights.
41:50 How fatigue is a good indicator of efficiency.
48:40 Why isometrics is the “bee’s knees” in sports performance.
55:18 What has he learned through his training experience that he would apply to the average person?
1:02:40 The trend towards calisthenics.
1:03:55 Why he built a gym in a box.
1:09:46 The mini-band plague in professional sports.
1:14:13 How everyone can create a lot of force, but who can create it the fastest? That’s what wins.
1:23:15 What players blow his mind mentally and physically?
1:27:27 His opinions on college athletes and sponsorships.

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Cory Schlesinger (@schlesstrength) Instagram
Not Done Yet (@ndyperformance) Instagram
Paul J. Fabritz (@pjfperformance) Instagram
Mike Mancias (@mikemancias1) Instagram
Lebron James (@kingjames) Instagram
Jon Call (@jujimufu) Instagram
Ja Morant (@jamorant) Instagram





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