I Was Scammed Of $77k – Here’s What You Need To Learn From My Story

Han Ni fell for a love scam or pig butchering scam – a mash-up of romance and investment schemes run by Asia-based online scam syndicates. (Are you the victim of a scam or know someone who is? Email us with your story: cnainsider@mediacorp.com.sg)

She reveals how scammers first developed an emotional intimacy by showing concern for her over weeks. They then brainwashed her into investing in a fake platform despite her doubts. They also told her not to tell her loved ones about the platform when instructed to borrow money from them.

“It’s not because I’m too dumb, it’s just because (the scammers) are too good,” said Han Ni.

Scammers often work in teams of four or five just to target one victim. They develop psychologically manipulative conversation scripts tailored to each victim through detailed analysis of the victim’s chat behaviour and social media. By sharing her story, Han Ni hopes to expose their tactics to prevent others from falling for them.

00:00 How he got me to trust him
01:26 How I got hooked on the platform
03:25 How I lost S$77,000
04:12 What I’ve learnt

For help wherever you are, contact:
Global Anti-Scam Organization https://www.globalantiscam.org/contact
Global Anti-Scam Alliance https://www.gasa.org/contact-4

If you’re in Singapore:
For scam-related advice, call the anti-scam hotline 1800 722 6688 or go to http://www.scamalert.sg.
To provide information on scams, call the police hotline 1800 255 0000, or submit online at http://www.police.gov.sg/iwitness.

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