How To Coach & Execute A World Class Group Training Session

With the intent of helping coaches run and execute a world class group training session (honestly, most of this applies to ANY training), I decided to share some of my best principles, insights, strategies and tactics, and most importantly, philosophy, on how to do it.

I though about making this a course, which I eventually will, but first wanted to share it for free in the hope that coaches that watch it, take it seriously, and apply it, because it will make you stand out above and beyond as a coach, have packed training, community, retention, referrals, and help you put a lot more money in your pocket (because you’re bringing so much value!).

If you’re a coach, gym owner, group trainer, this video can be gold, actually platinum, IF you apply it and do it consistently.

Let me know what you got out of it in the comments and what you will apply. Share with a coach that needs to see this!

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