A 15-Year-Old Violin Virtuoso + A 13-Year-Old Chess Prodigy | On The Red Dot – Super Teens

Goh Zi Han, 13, has dreams of being a chess grand master. He finds himself juggling schoolwork, CCAs and friendships. When an international tournament and a school chess competition clash, Zi Han must choose between his individual chess career and bonding with his school teammates.

Chloe Chua, 15, was recently named the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s artist-in-residence, their youngest ever. She won top prize when she was just 11 in the junior division of the Menuhin Competition, the world’s leading competition for young musicians. As she prepares for a series of concerts and recordings, Chloe embraces the responsibilities of being a headlining musician, even if it means giving up time with friends and the desire to have a pet dog.

What does it take to be a Super Teen?

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