The Black Adam Full Body Workout

Black Adam Workout 💥

I partnered up with the official @blackadammovie to bring you the Black Adam Workout on the week of the movies release (comes out in theaters on October 21st) with @therock

While a lot of training has the “Show” and focuses on how you look, if you’re going to be a Super Hero you’ll have to have the “Show & The Go”, and be able to look great while having the best possible performance too!

You have to move well, be fast, quick, explosive, powerful, are able to fly, move heavy loads, move lighter loads fast, and then you have to be able to endure struggle for long periods of time.

All on top of being jacked.

Not a small ask, but below is a full Black Adam Workout that covers it all in what I’d use as my Dynamic Full Body Session 👇🏼

Dynamic warm ups (spend 10-12 mins thoroughly warming up)

1️⃣ Single Leg Hurdle Hop to Skater Jump 4 x 3

2️⃣A). Trap Bar Deadlift Jumps/Trap Bar High Pull 3 x 5, 2 x 5
2️⃣B). Box Jump (Single Leg Landing) 5 x 4

3️⃣A). Belt Squat w/ Bands 4 x 6-8
3️⃣B). 1 Arm DB Row w/ Pause 4 x 12/side

4️⃣A). DB RDL 3 x 15
4️⃣B). Incline DB Bench Press 3 x 10

5️⃣ Finisher x 2
➡️ Walking Lunges to Side Lunges (50 lb weight vest + 50 lb chains) x 25 yards each
➡️ Push Up/Iron Cross Ladder x 2/4/6/8….

👆🏼 You’d keep going up the ladder of push ups until you can complete a quality technical push up anymore (for me, I had to finish after 16 reps on set 1 and 12 on set 2)

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this and can’t wait to go to the promo screening at AMC Pacific Place tonight.

Let’s GO! 🚀

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