Today I’m starting a new belly fat challenge that will help you get a flat stomach and burn belly fat. With today’s workout, you will be able to start burning extra layers of fat around the belly area by doing effective exercises from the comfort of your home!

We’re giving you amazing body-weight exercises that will target your abdominal area to make your muscles stronger and will convert more of the fat into energy for your body!

So let’s begin and not waste a single second! Good luck and happy training!💪❤️

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 Walk Downs
01:42 Rest
02:04 Hip Dips
02:33 Rest
02:55 Knee Push Ups
03:43 Rest
04:05 Leg Pulls
04:45 Rest
05:07 Pike Push Ups
05:48 Rest
06:10 Single Leg Bridge Left
07:14 Rest
07:31 Single Leg Bridge Right
08:36 Rest
08:58 Burpee Side Taps
10:09 Rest
10:31 Slow Mountain Climber
11:04 Rest
11:26 Tricep Dip Kicks
12:09 Rest
12:32 Bird Dog
13:45 Rest
14:07 Donkey Kicks Left
14:55 Rest
15:12 Donkey Kicks Right
16:00 Rest
16:17 Fire Hydrant Left
17:05 Rest
17:22 Fire Hydrant Right
18:09 Rest
18:31 Walk Downs
20:01 Rest
20:23 Hip Dips
20:52 Rest
21:14 Knee Push Ups
22:02 Rest
22:24 Leg Pulls
23:04 Rest
23:26 Pike Push Ups
24:07 Rest
24:29 Single Leg Bridge Left
25:34 Rest
25:51 Single Leg Bridge Right
26:56 Rest
27:18 Burpee Side Taps
28:28 Rest
28:50 Slow Mountain Climber
29:20 Rest
29:42 Tricep Dip Kicks
30:22 Rest
30:39 Donkey Kicks Left
31:22 Rest
31:39 Donkey Kicks Right
32:22 Rest
32:39 Fire Hydrant Left
33:22 Rest
33:39 Fire Hydrant Right

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