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What’s up guys, Jeff from Sorta Healthy here! In today’s video, I’m reviewing the Stretch Coach Certification by Brad Walker. I’ve been waiting for a definitive assisted stretching certification for a good while now!

For those who don’t know assisted stretching is a service that personal trainers, massage therapists, and other related professionals can offer. Assisted stretching can be beneficial for improving flexibility, improving posture, reducing stress, reducing the chances of injury, and a whole bunch of other things too.

As of right now, StretchLab is the biggest and most wide spread business to offer assisted stretching as their main service. StretchLab is growing at a pretty impressive rate, and because of that we end up talking about them a fair amount in this video. It also just so happens that Brad Walker, who created the stretch coach course also created the flexologist program that assisted stretching practitioners at the StretchLab need to take before working with clients.

I also break down my thoughts on manual stretching scope of practice for personal trainers. It’s a bit of a grey area for sure.

All of this information makes for an interesting discussion concerning things we don’t usually talk about here at Sorta Healthy!

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