Saddlebags are simple fat deposits created by your body around the butt area and outer thighs.

They’re unpleasant but the good news is that you can tone it by working out and exercising everyday using specific exercises.

With this workout you can slowly but surely lose your saddle bags, if you exercise everyday. And you can also do this routine at home, without any special equipment!

So start exercising with this video and follow the trainer! Good luck and let’s begin the workout!!💪❤️

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Cross Jump Jack
00:39 Rest
00:56 Forward Jump
01:44 Rest
02:01 Push Jumps
02:29 Rest
02:51 Reverse Lunges
03:33 Rest
03:50 Side Deep Squats
04:39 Rest
04:56 Ski Jacks
05:27 Rest
05:44 Slow Star Jumps
06:20 Rest
06:37 Squat And Kick
07:25 Rest
07:52 Walk Downs
09:38 Rest
09:55 Toe Touches
10:38 Rest
10:55 T Push Ups
12:29 Rest
12:46 Swing Backs
13:32 Rest
13:49 Slow Mountain Climber
14:24 Rest
14:41 Side Plank Pulse Left
15:22 Rest
15:39 Side Plank Pulse Right
16:20 Rest
16:37 Side Crunches Left
17:23 Rest
17:40 Side Crunches Right

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