Brutal Leg Day Workout Finisher

This was my full body day session finisher (that was super set with a push up/iron cross ascending ladder – will post that as a separate video) where I added a 50+ lb weight vest and another 50lbs of chains.

You may ask why do all that other than that it looks cool lol, but reality is that the whole set takes 2.5 minutes (you see the video cut a bit) and 50 total yards of movement, and my grip was already crushed, so holding DB’s or anything else, would be a limiting factor. This is the best way of loading and keeping grip out of it.

The sequence is:

➡️ 25 yards of walking lunges
➡️ 25 yards of side lunge w/ glide

I did this for 2 finisher sets and after I was 💨 after (I’ll also post this full “Black Adam Workout” on the 17th 😉).

📝 Changing my training to doing one less intense strength session a week (went from 4 to 3 right now, and doing a “weak link” day training for the 4th day, which is short (30 mins) and lower on the CNS intensity), has been great and I can push the intensity more on the days I have and then recover more. What works for you will change based on lifestyle, training age, season of life, etc, so make sure to adjust accordingly for yourself.

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