Eat These Foods Every Day for A Stronger, Healthier Body | Stan Efferding on Mind Pump 1920

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00:00 Intro
00:48 The importance of compliance, protein, and developing good behaviors in your pursuit to build muscle and lose body fat.
21:50 How do I manage my hunger levels?
32:50 Addressing the carnivore diet and its faults.
41:51 Taking the victim mentality out of the obesity epidemic conversation.
48:25 Strength is never weakness; weakness is never strength.
50:20 His take on the creatine boom.
51:48 When diets/studies become politicized.
1:02:35 The value of having red meat in your diet.
1:04:58How the best diet/exercise is the one you will follow.
1:08:28 Is the strength training revolution here?
1:21:18 How has his training evolved in his 50s?
1:28:24 Why he believes in providing as much free content as possible to his community.
1:31:20 How has training played a role in making millions of dollars for him?
1:35:34 Vertical Kids Power Hour.

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Matt Walker (@drmattwalker) Instagram
IFBB LEGEND FLEX WHEELER (officialflexwheeler) Instagram
Mark Bell (@marksmellybell) Instagram
Peter Attia (@peterattiamd) Instagram
Shawn Baker MD (@shawnbaker1967) Instagram
Melissa Urban | Whole30 (@melissau) Instagram
Dr. Pat Davidson
Layne Norton, Ph.D. (@biolayne) Instagram
Jon Jones (@jonnybones) Instagram





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