A Masterclass On How To Build Your In Person and Online Fitness Business


As I re-launch the Vigor Life Podcast, I said f@*k it, I’m going to drop 2-3 episodes just going full tilt on breaking down how to build your fitness business today. While it’s highly concentrated on the in person business (especially the first part of the episode), a lot of what I talk about goes for online as well.

Most of this has and will stand the test of time, some other things may change as far as platforms go, but principles never will!

With these episodes I’m really not holding anything back, if anything, I run out of time as we shot this from 9pm till midnight in my hotel room while I was on the road doing 3 different presentations at a 2-day event in San Francisco.

There will be more episodes on this and you’ll be able to find all the episodes as well as ongoing show on iTunes as the Vigor Life Podcast.

I want to be clear that anything I talk about, I do in real life, not just in theory. I have 2 gyms on 2 different continents, Slovenia and USA, they’ve been going strong for 16 and 14 years respectively, cumulatively we’ve coached over 10,000+ people. I’ve done business coaching for fit pro’s for close to a decade and coached thousands, whether directly through our programs offline and online, the Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit (going on 8 years strong!), consulting, etc.

I continue to coach groups, private, youth, executives, professional sports teams, and the highest elite athletes every day, and I run 3 businesses. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you that I live, breathe, dream this stuff and I share what I DO and not just what I think.

I hope you like the show, let me know the value you got from it and what you’d like to see even more of.

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