3 Mobility Combo’s To Have Your Hips And Low Back Feeling Great


This was a cool down after a workout but I’ll also use these as part of a warm up or something I do in the morning to get my joints and body feeling good.

I’ll show more exercises where I do very intentional and focused mobility drills for certain joints as well, many times spending 20-30 mins working just on that.

But while people have a lot of opinions about flows, really the only thing that matters is that you’re doing something that has purpose to improve your health and performance.

When I do these in the morning for 5-10 mins, my body feels significantly better, so why wouldn’t I do them 🤯

Add “joint hygiene” rituals into your day, it’s an incredible ROI for the 10 mins or so (or you can even start with 5 mins).

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