How To Overcome The Tall Poppy Syndrome

Make Sure You’re NOT Doing This!

One of the things people fear most is being judged and persecuted, which is why they hold back from being themselves and putting themselves out there on media channels (or doing things like public speaking).

It’s scary to put yourself out there when people can then talk smack, put you down, etc.

But here’s the deal, people will judge you anyways.

Whether you’re rich or poor.

Whether you’re fit or fat.

Whether you’re _____ or _____.

When people have their own insecurities they mirror them onto others, and no easier way to do it than being behind a keyboard and doing it from a safe place.

You can’t stop that from happening so you might as well do what you want to do.

Share your voice with your knowledge, experience and wisdom!

You have valuable things to share, SHARE THEM!

When you know that you’re sharing things you care about and that are valuable that will help even just one person, then who cares what others think that don’t have the courage to put themselves out there?!

Before I became good at anything I had to put in thousands of reps, and also have the courage to try and fail, learn, then try again and do it better (this is a forever process).

I encourage your to let go of the Poppy-flower Syndrome and stand out as yourself (there’s only ONE of you and no one can be as good of a you, as you can 😉).

Put out great work and be yourself, great things will happen, trust!

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