Try This STRETCHING HACK to Build More Muscle, Increase Mobility & Become MORE FLEXIBLE | 1909

00:00 Intro
00:40 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Here is an interesting way to stimulate muscle growth, loaded passive stretching!
18:03 Have insomnia? Wear those blue-blocking glasses y’all!
23:20 A parent’s battle with sleep routines.
31:15 Funny moments with the Mind Pump kids.
33:29 Nutrient deficiencies can cause A LOT of irritability.
36:58 A conversation on the decline in Christianity in America.
44:12 Revisiting the actor’s “pump” debate.
48:22 Caldera Lab, the results speak for themselves.
49:29 Quiz: What are the different types of female orgasms?

57:04 ListenerLive question #1 – Following the 20-minute workout approach you outlined in a recent episode, how would split up your MAPS Programs? Do you think that would still achieve the same effects as the program originally intended?
1:02:53 ListenerLive question #2 – How do you make the mental switch from low rep training to high rep training?
1:13:21 ListenerLive question #3 – Are there any precursor exercises or stability moves I should be doing before jumping straight into something like MAPS Performance?
1:23:02 ListenerLive question #4 – How much is my hectic job preventing me from building muscle, and how can I counter the negative effects it has on my bulk?

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