Frozen Chicken: Can Regular Singaporeans Tell The Difference From Fresh? | Talking Point Extra

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Is there really a frozen chicken ‘taste’ or ‘smell’? In this #TalkingPointExtra, we challenge six fans of the show to spot the difference between fresh and frozen chicken.

For the taste-off, Chef Remus Seow of hawker stall Fukudon cooks fresh and frozen chicken four ways: Poached, oven-roasted, fried and stewed. In which preparation will our testers be better able to tell the difference between fresh and frozen – and which dish did they all guess 100% wrong?

A food scientist explains why certain cooking methods may be better for frozen chicken; while Chef Remus shares his best practices on thawing and preparing frozen chicken for cooking.

00:00 Any nutritional difference?
01:21 That ‘frozen smell’
01:34 Tips on defrosting
02:29 Blast freezing vs home freezing
03:17 Poached chicken taste test
04:03 Oven-roast taste test
04:52 Karaage taste test
05:38 Curry taste test
06:21 Results

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