The Budget Belt Squat For Home Gyms That Stands Alone…

More like Belts of Steel, right? Heavy duty and functional.
💪 Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine 2.0:

The belt squat machine can be a great piece of fitness equipment to kick your leg day up to 11, but such a bulky and expensive addition to your home gym has to be heavy duty and functional. Enter the Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine 2.0.

This machine not only provides a 700-pound weight capacity, but it takes up less floor space than other belt squat machines. You’ll also get adjustable band pegs if you’re really looking for a strength training challenge.

How does this machine stand up to the competition? We’ll put it through some exercises to see if it has a place in our garage gym, and whether we’d recommend it for yours.

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0:00 – The Budget Belt Squat For Home Gyms That Stands Alone…
0:29 – Overview
1:56 – AsSAMbly (Assembly)
3:22 – Why Use a Belt Squat?
4:10 – Pros and Cons of a Plate-Loaded “Lever” Design
5:08 – Bells of Steel Belt Squat Components & Design Quality
8:25 – How Does the BoS Belt Squat Work?
8:52 – Comparisons & Pricing
11:03 – Final Thoughts

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