This Is the MOST EFFECTIVE Workout Frequency to Get STRONG & Build Muscle | Mind Pump 1829

00:00 MAPS Symmetry Giveaway
01:32 Mind Pump Fit Tip: For most of you training your body parts 3 days a week is ideal for strength, muscle gains, and technique.
18:40 ‘Italian time’ is a real thing.
25:38 Shattered glass and sore backs.
33:48 Why do modern homes burn faster?
35:32 Defining a tiny house and the pros/cons of being a minimalist.
42:40 The HUGE impact the temperature of your room has on your sleep.
47:25 Should we stop breeding pugs and bulldogs?
49:46 Seeing wild animals in person will CHANGE your perception.

52:36 ListenerLive question #1 – Is having too many variations in my workouts hurting my gains? (53:38)
1:09:00 ListenerLive question #2 – How can I confidently bulk without ruining my progress? (1:09:41)
1:18:48 ListenerLive question #3 – Will it affect the programming if I don’t do the exercises in the order they are written? (1:19:30)
1:25:47 ListenerLive question #4 – Is it ok to give training advice to people just from my background and experience? (1:26:39)

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