Why I REFUSE to Compete in “Natural” Bodybuilding

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why i refuse to compete in “natural” bodybuilding. natural bodybuilding is a joke dead waste of time does not exist. fake natural naturals natty bodybuilders powerlifters athletes. rf. mk angeletti. gospelofmatthew. mike o’hearn natural. doug miller natural. drug tests are iq tests. peds in sports. steroids in sports. juiced up vice. wnbf nanbf natural mr universe olympia supernaturals. npc news online true novice classic physique bodybuilding. mike o’hearn natural mike o’tren you are no longer my friend. mark bell power project. joe rogan trt powerfuljre. greg doucette is gaslighting you about maingaining fake natty caught lying. more plates more dates mattdoesfitness bloodwork mike thurston scientifically dismantling. your favorite fitness influencer is not natural grow up. you are not a better person because you stay natty. revival fitness natural hypertrophy. shredded sports science. first bodybuilding show contest prep competition motivation journey. national physique committee los angeles socal las vegas san diego bodybuilding championships 2022. bodybuilding deaths bodybuilders dying young. proof that someone is not natural. why natty or not is a massive waste of time.

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