Joe Rogan’s Weight Sled. A Torque TANK MX Review.

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The Torque TANK MX: Is $2,500 Pushing the Limits?
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The Torque TANK MX is one of the latest pieces of home gym equipment to experience the “Joe Rogan effect,” a phenomenon that occurs when a product sees a bump in popularity and demand after being praised by the podcast host.

But does it pass the Garage Gym Reviews test?

On paper, there’s a lot to like about the Torque TANK MX, such as four resistance levels, a lower push point to target different muscle groups, and an optional weight horn to make your conditioning workouts even more challenging.

If you’re wondering if this tank (and we don’t use that term lightly) is worth the staggering $2,500 price tag, you’ve come to the right place.

Our sled’s full of gifts…in the form of the best fitness equipment reviews.

🛷Torque TANK M1 Weight Sled Review: The Ultimate Home Gym Sled
🛷Torque Fitness TANK Sled Review! – Best Sled Ever?

0:00 – Joe Rogan’s Weight Sled. A Torque TANK MX Review.
0:48 – Overview
1:47 – Advantages of Magnetic Resistance Vs. Weight Resistance
2:54 – Using a Sled for Ben Patrick’s ATG Program
3:48 – The Tank MX Vs. Other Magnetic Resistance Sleds
6:15 – A Deep Dive on the TANK MX’s Magnetic Resistance
7:54 – Who is the Tank MX For?
10:01 – Final Thoughts

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