$1,000 vs $80 Olympic Barbell Strength Test! (World Record)

$1,000 vs $80 Olympic Barbell Strength Test!
Barbell battle: The cheapest vs. most expensive option
💪 Eleiko Weightlifting Training Bar: https://garagegymreviews.co/EleikoIWFBar
💪 CAP Barbell ECO 7-Foot Olympic Bar: https://amzn.to/38M3W4U

The barbell is one of the most important items you’ll buy for your home gym, but does it have to be one of the most expensive? Or is the cheapest barbell just as good?

To find out, we’re buying and testing the cheapest Olympic barbell on Amazon, the CAP Barbell bar ($80), and putting it up against the Eleiko Weightlifting Training Bar ($900).

We’ll answer the question: does a barbell that’s 10 times the cost of an Amazon barbell perform worth the cost, or could you get just as good of a workout at home with the budget option?

Coop, and the rest of the Garage Gym Reviews team, looks to get to the bottom of it.

We’ve set the bar when it comes to fitness equipment reviews, and if you don’t believe us just check out some of our other barbell content.

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0:00 – $1,000 vs $80 Olympic Barbell Strength Test!
0:32 – Coop’s Crazy Idea
1:11 – Meet The Contenders
2:29 – The $1,000 Eleiko Weightlifting Training Bar Unboxing & Overview
2:52 – The $80 Cap Eco Barbell Unboxing & Overview
3:38 – Coop Squats With an $80 Bar
4:29 – How Much Weight Can an $80 Barbell Hold?
5:55 – How Much Weight Can a $1,000 Barbell Hold?
6:29 – Coop Unleashes Assambly Sam
6:57 – Sam’s Over-the-Top Plan: Swedish Steel Vs. Forklift
8:27 – Will 1,100 lbs. Bend an Eleiko Barbell?
10:38 – Will 3,000+ lbs. Bend an Eleiko Barbell?
12:46 – What About 3,000+ lbs. On an $80 Barbell?!?!
14:20 – Final Thoughts

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