We’ve picked the best standing exercises you can do everyday to lose weight at home!

All of them are body-weight, no special equipment required, no sitting on the floor. Each exercise lasts for approx. 1 minute so take your time in doing every exercise and take advantage of the longer rest breaks!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:09 Hip Swirls
00:53 Rest
01:10 Curtsy Lunge
02:09 Rest
02:26 Cross Jump Jack
03:00 Rest
03:17 Burpee Side Taps
05:02 Rest
05:19 Knee Push Ups
06:28 Rest
06:45 Jumping Jacks
07:18 Rest
07:35 Hip Dips
08:14 Rest
08:36 Hip Swirls
09:21 Rest
09:38 Curtsy Lunge
10:37 Rest
10:54 Cross Jump Jack
11:28 Rest
11:45 Burpee Side Taps
13:29 Rest
13:46 Knee Push Ups
14:56 Rest
15:13 Butt Kicks
15:43 Rest
16:00 Hip Dips
16:40 Rest
17:02 Cat And Cow
19:40 Rest
19:57 Bird Dog

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