HIIT workouts are highly recommended for burning calories and losing weight fast. This workout will work your core to tone your belly and get abs!!

Today’s workout can be done everyday for the next 15 days for faster results. Just remember to watch what you eat and stay away from grains and sugar. Also, motivation and discipline is the key. Without it, no amount of effort will help you.

Good luck, have fun, and I’ll see you here again tomorrow!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Slow Jumping Jacks
00:42 Rest
00:59 Slow Mountain Climber
01:31 Rest
01:48 Ski Jumps
02:20 Rest
02:37 Walk Downs
04:55 Rest
05:12 Split Jumps
05:38 Rest
05:55 Woodchoppers Left
06:54 Rest
07:11 Woodchoppers Right
08:10 Rest
08:32 Slow Jumping Jacks
09:03 Rest
09:20 Slow Mountain Climber
09:52 Rest
10:10 Ski Jumps
10:41 Rest
10:58 Walk Downs
13:16 Rest
13:33 Split Jumps
13:59 Rest
14:16 Woodchoppers Left
15:15 Rest
15:32 Woodchoppers Right
16:31 Rest
16:53 V Up
17:55 Rest
18:12 U Boat Crunch
18:58 Rest
19:15 T Plank
21:04 Rest
21:26 V Up
22:28 Rest
22:45 U Boat Crunch
23:31 Rest
23:48 T Plank

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