“The BUDGET Pull Up Bar With a Secret!“

We review the power tower that isn’t a tower at all.
💪 OneTwoFit Pull-Up Bar: https://amzn.to/3N3xg5U

Want a pull-up bar, dip station, and ab tower all in one without taking up ANY floor space? The OneTwoFit pull-up bar is your next home gym purchase.

Power towers are multi-functional pieces of home gym equipment that usually include a multi-grip pull-up bar, dip station, and functionality to perform ab exercises like L-holds and leg lifts. But what if you could have all of that without the bulk—and without taking up ANY floor space? (We all know floor space is a commodity in garage gyms.)

That’s where the OneTwoFit wall-mounted pull-up bar station comes in. Let’s find out if it’s worth your coin.

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0:00 – The BUDGET Pull Up Bar With a Secret!
1:09 – Overview
1:50 – What Sets This Pull Up Bar Apart?
3:10 – Pricing
3:20 – Who Is the OneTwoFit Pull Up Bar For?
3:53 – Design and Material Quality
4:44 – How Would Coop Improve This Pull Up Bar?
5:23 – Competing Products to Consider
6:01 – Things to Watch Out For
8:30 – Final Thoughts

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