3 Combo Mobility Flows For Your Recovery Workout


Worked 8 minutes of each one of these combinations for a total of 24 minutes, as well as some aerobic conditioning for my recovery workout.

1. Childs Pose Lat Stretch
Spiderman lunge w/ OH Reach + Thoracic Extension
Spinal Roll
Downward Dog + Calf Stretch

2. 90/90 Kinstretch
Thai Sit
Hip Matador Switch

3. Squat to Walkout
Downward Dog w/ Hip Shift
Thoracic Reach
Tabletop w/ Reach
Prisoner Squat

Make sure you have rebound workout days that promote recovery as well as moving and feeling better. When you can combine mobility work, feeling and moving better, with faster recovery from your hard training, it’s always a win.

Try this one and let me know how it feels.

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