Joint Friendly Muscle Building Leg Workout w/ Jay Ferruggia

Jay and I go through a lower body training session that is joint friendly but packs a punch and its a great model for building muscle AND feeling better without beating up your joints over time.

Pay attention to the sequencing of the exercises, the coaching cues, the principles we’re focusing on and why, so that you can get the most effective muscle building workouts that get results, give you longevity, and keep your joints feeling great.

Here’s our lower body session:

1. Dynamic Warm Ups (different exercises working on mobility and activation)

2A). Hamstring Curls w/ Roller
2B). Single Leg KB RDL

3A). Glute Dribe
3B). Petersen Squats

4). Banded Belt Squats

5). Heels Elevated Skater Squats

6). Band Assisted Reverse Nordics

Do this session and let us know how you feel 👇🏽

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