How Singapore Is Keeping Open Amid Global Pandemic | Pandemic Borders – Part 2 | COVID-19

Changi Airport, once one of the world’s busiest aviation hubs, is now a shadow of its former self. The threat of COVID-19, has forced the airport to close its terminals to the general public. Yet beyond the public eye, hundreds of thousands of passengers continue to pass through the airport – keeping vital parts of Singapore’s globally connected economy pulsing along.

CNA goes behind closed doors to see how the aviation hub is being kept open under the constant threat of COVID-19, and to understand how keeping the airport running is critical to a whole host of economic activities from construction to international shipping.

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About the show: In a city-state built on trade, global border closures trigger a battle for survival. Witness the unseen struggle to keep people and goods flowing through Singapore, while keeping the community safe.
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