5-Star To Quarantine Hotel: Behind The Operations | Pandemic Borders – Part 1 | COVID-19

How do you allow people to enter the country, yet keep COVID-19 and its deadly variants from invading and infecting the community?

Enter the quarantine hotel. To ensure incoming high-risk travellers are bubble wrapped from the rest of the community until declared virus-free, hotels all over the country have transformed into quarantine facilities to house these travellers.

How did the country’s thousands of hospitality staff rally to become frontline workers, and what sacrifices are they called to make in these unprecedented times?

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Part 2: https://youtu.be/QImvmN-KLgw

About the show: In a city-state built on trade, global border closures trigger a battle for survival. Witness the unseen struggle to keep people and goods flowing through Singapore, while keeping the community safe.
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