Impact Driven Personal Training Model Video #1

Hey Guys!

The first video in our free 6-part video series about the Impact Driven Personal Training Model is live.

You can watch it here:

In the video, I explain the number one mistake that new trainers make that leads to significantly higher rates of failure.

And it has nothing to do with a lack of passion for helping others with their health and fitness.

It’s a much deeper rooted problem.

Plus, I’ll walk you through the process that the most successful trainers use to start, grow and scale their training businesses to create income fast.

We call it the “Impact Driven Personal Training Model”.


Because it’s the only model currently available that provides a step by step process for how to start training, grow a PT business and then scale to have the greatest impact on the health of your community while also creating high levels of income.

You see, most trainers are facing the same problems:

They have a ton of passion and want to help others get healthy.

But at the same time, they don’t know how to start training, they think it’s too risky to leave their current job, and they are afraid they won’t make enough money to support a full time career.

I see it all the time.

You don’t feel like you have a passion for your current job but leaving it to do something you love feels overwhelming.

Making the right first step is so important and that is exactly what we talk about in the first video in our free 6-part video series.

Watch the first video here.


P.S. In the next video, we’ll explain exactly how to start implementing the Impact Driven Personal Training Model.

And I will walk you through a simple strategy that will make starting as a personal trainer and making money seem like a cake walk.

These upcoming videos are only available if you are on the early-bird waitlist so be sure you sign up here:

So make sure you stay on the lookout so you don’t miss the next email.

Also, in case you haven’t placed your name on the early-access waitlist for our newest bundle that was created to take you through the Impact Driven PT Model, you can do that here:

We’ve been getting a lot of interest in the bundle.

And in order to make sure I can help everyone personally, we’ve decided to keep the enrollments small and only accept a small hand-full of new students for the time being.

We feel like that’s better for everyone.

So unless you’re on the early-access waitlist, I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a spot.

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