Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain Rehab & Exercises – Tears, Tendinitis, Impingement

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Are you dealing with shoulder pain? Do you have pain with lifting your arm, reaching behind your head or your back? Have you been told you may have a rotator cuff tear, tendinitis, or shoulder impingement? Check out this video to learn everything you need to know about exercise therapy for rotator cuff related shoulder pain.

Anatomy & Function (0:00)
Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain Umbrella (0:28)
Traumatic vs Non-traumatic (1:50)
Partial vs Full Thickness Tear (2:21)
Clinical Presentation (3:18)
Exercise Categories (5:14)
Category #1: Pressing (5:31)
Category #2: Pulling (7:22)
Category #3 External Rotation (8:22)
Category #4: Abduction (10:38)
Exercise Guidelines (12:06)
Pain With Exercise (12:34)
Summary (13:29)
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Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.

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