Hell Joseon: The Price Of Happiness In South Korea | Deciphering South Korea – Ep 3 | Documentary

Thanks to the K-wave, its future-forward infrastructure and internationally recognised brands, South Korea has a zero-to-hero national success story that has become the envy of the world. This small former agricultural nation has transformed into one of the most developed countries in Asia and yet, it has the highest suicide rate in the developed world.

US-based journalist Joi Lee visits her motherland of South Korea to understand why so many young Koreans think that life in their country is hell on earth.

She meets overworked university students and the educators trying to provide them with a different path, politicians trying to change the system and rebellious musicians who refuse to conform.

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About the show: Journalist Joi Lee returns to South Korea, a country that has found global adoration in recent years. She explores what is driving this success and the price South Koreans are paying for it.
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