Headache Treatment in Clinical Practice | Online Course Out Now

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Finally Understand Headaches & Learn How Physiotherapy Can be Effective for Patients with Headaches
Headaches are so prevalent in patients we often don’t even consider them as something that can be treated. Patients often take it as something they have to live with and use medication for relief.

However, research has shown that physiotherapy & manual therapy is more effective for different forms of headaches than usual care +/- medication. And yet, many practices don’t offer any help to this huge patient group as they often lack knowledge & skills.

In our Online Course ”
Headache Treatment in Clinical Practice” by top headache researcher René Castien from the Vrije University of Amsterdam we help you to become an expert in the clinical treatment of different forms of headaches.

René has currently published 28 papers on headaches and has taught thousands of manual therapy MSc students at SOMT University Amersfoort & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He can do exactly the same for you from the comfort of your home – so you can become a headache expert too!

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