Bye, Tanglin Halt: How Will The Elderly Cope With Relocation? Life, Uprooted (2/2)

In a few months’ time, one of Singapore’s oldest estates, Tanglin Halt, will be an empty shell with the last of some 3,480 households finally moving out. It’s all part of the Selective En-Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) to rejuvenate older housing estates, and affected residents have been progressively relocated to new flats at five nearby sites, at Dawson estate.

But while this means modern new amenities for residents, the big move is disrupting social support networks for the elderly. The Tanglin Halt “kampung” had been all about neighbours, hawkers and shopkeepers looking out for the vulnerable – including one activity centre that was “like family” to the elderly. Who will fill that gap when this community is broken up?

CNA Insider tracked some of the elderly residents over two years – including in the wake of the COVID-19 ‘circuit breaker’ which threw into painful relief the effects of social isolation on the elderly.

0:00 Meet 91-year-old Mdm Wong Ying
2:28 Life at Tanglin Halt – the “kampung family” where everyone knows everyone
3:52 Meet the long-time shop owners at Tanglin Halt
8:05 When elderly residents heard they would have to move
9:06 When Mdm Wong found out her beloved activity centre wasn’t going to move with her
11:10 Why good neighbours are so important
12:08 Familiar landmarks are now a distance away
12:52 Why loneliness can kill people – especially the elderly
13:56 What happened when COVID-19 struck?
16:58 When a ground-up volunteer group stepped in to help

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