Medicine Ball Full Body Workout | 7 exercises for Strength & Power

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Training with medicine balls is one of the best ways to train explosiveness, total body power and speed. Athletes of all kinds and in all sports use medicine balls in their training. You can improve trunk rotation power, triple extension force production, vertical leap, and so much more. There really are no limits to what you can do with the med balls you see in this video.

Coach Chris Wilson has been training his clients with med balls for over 20 years. The 3 kinds of med balls represented in this video are the 3 most common varieties that allow you to do a complete workout targeting all of your muscles. This video just scratches the surface with the many exercises and athletic movements you can do with med balls. These 7 exercises just happen to be coach Chris’s favorites 🙂 and ones that he does a lot of himself.

7 exercises for Strength & Power | Medicine Ball Full Body Workout

Here are the exercises you see represented in this video:

Med ball slams
Cross body slams
Overhead throw
Backwards throw
Rotational toss
Scoop toss
Chest toss

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