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The Most Underrated Conditioning Equipment for Home Gyms!

⛷ The Concept 2 SkiErg –

There Is one piece of conditioning equipment that Is absolutely, positively underrated for home gym owners.

The Concept2 Skierg may be overlooked by the C2 Rower, but, In Coops opinion, It’s one of the best cardio equipment for a home gym.


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✅Best Value Barbell: Rogue Bar 2.0 Barbell –

✅Best Budget Barbell: FringeSport Wonder Bar V2 –

✅Best Power Rack: Rep PR-4000 Power Rack –

✅Best Weight Plates: FringeSport Black Bumper Plates –

✅Best Adjustable Dumbbells – PowerBlock Elite Series Adjustable Dumbbells:

✅Best Exercise Bike: Rogue Echo Bike –

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My 31st Birthday | Exploring Formentera

It’s that time of the year again..

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FitBeny’s Gym Hacks to help you build a body like his:


Breaking The World Record Deadlift… Twice

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How to design a workout for a wrestler | NSCA-CSCS Needs Analysis In Season | Show Up Fitness

In today’s video Show Up Fitness teaches you how to write a program for a wrestler IN-SEASON via the NSCA Needs Analysis and how to pass CSCS within 90-days.


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Here is a collection to help you pass the CSCS & become a strength coach NSCA:


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Beginners workout program:

Sample workouts of the week:

This is a collection for people wanting to become better trainers and increase their knowledge in anatomy:

This is a collection for people trying to become a personal trainer via NASM, NASM tutorials:

Chris Hitchko BS Kinesiology, CSCS, Teacher of trainers at Show Up Fitness (10 years total, 7 at National Personal Training Institute and 3-years at Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship.) Show Up Fitness has private personal training studios in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and San Diego. California. We’ve helped over 1,000 people pass the NASM-CPT with our study guide. You don’t need to read the textbook or read it from cover to cover. Pass the “best” personal training certification and then spend your time learning anatomy, movement, nutrition, programming and training clients to gain experience. The average certified personal trainer gets hired at Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, 24-hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness and quits within 12-months because they don’t understand the business side of training, programming or how to sell. At Show Up Fitness we teach the key movement patterns: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Jump, and uni-lateral which translates into the main exercises in the gym: Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Military Press, Lunge, Hip Thrust, Pull-Up, Push-Up, Turkish Get-up, and dumbbell rows.

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Joe Klecker and Olli Hoare – 2 x (600m, 400m, 200m) + 1 mile threshold

Joe Klecker and Olli Hoare (On-Running) hit a mile specific workout of: 2 sets (600m, 400m, 200m) with 2-3min jog recovery followed by 1 mile threshold. The goal paces set by coach Dathan Ritzenhein are 1:25, 56, 27, then 4:30 for the 1 mile.

Klecker is preparing for the 5th Avenue Mile taking place on 12th September and Hoare is about to take off to Europe to race in the Diamond League’s.

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1629: Correct Major Leg Imbalances, Adjusting Training To Build More Muscle & More (Live Coaching)

00:00 – MAPS Giveaway
01:30 – The dumbest business of all time?
08:07 – Mind Pump on the recently passed Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2021.
14:43 – Want a blood bond with Tony Hawk?
18:41 – Mind Pump’s theory on OnlyFans backtracking on pornography.
22:25 – The remote trend of working two jobs at the same time.
24:33 – Will we have robot companions in our lifetime?
35:00 – What is going on in the world?!
36:21 – The importance of your Caldera routine.
37:17 – How the ChiliPad can help with inflammation.
40:51 – You got to get a good spider guy.

Quah #1 – How can I adjust my training routine if I want to build more muscle mass?
Quah #2 – How can I develop my legs having a major imbalance from a very young age?
Quah #3 – How can I rehab a deep core injury as a professional musician, who plays the bassoon?
Quah #4 – Should I change my bodybuilding coach based on information and workouts he is providing me?

Ask a question to Mind Pump, live! Email:

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I Don’t Think This Is What People Meant by ‘Three Square Meals a Day’

Is This Food Really Healthy? New Packaging Labels Would Tell You – Scientific American

Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2021 Fact Sheet

French food labels: Salt, fat, sugar, controversy

Lil Nas X asks where’s the ‘outrage’ after Tony Hawk debuts blood-infused line of skateboards

Why OnlyFans Suddenly Reversed its Decision to Ban Sexual Content

Eco-Score: the environmental impact of food products

The Remote Trend Of Working Two Jobs At The Same Time Without Both Companies Knowing

Elon Musk says Tesla Bot prototype will be ready next year. Can we believe him?

‘Hail, Satan!’ – An Australian broadcaster accidentally ran footage of a satanic ritual during a news segment on police dog welfare

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MAPS Fitness Anabolic | Muscle Adaptation Programming System

MAPS Fitness Prime | Muscle Adaptation Programming System

The BEST Single Leg Exercise You Are Not Doing! (TWO VARIATIONS) – Mind Pump TV

How To Perform The Single Leg Stand Up (TRY THIS) – Mind Pump TV

The Seated Cable Tibialis Raise

How to Perform a 90/90 Hip Stretch (HIP FLEXOR STRETCH)

MAPS Fitness Prime Pro | Muscle Adaptation Programming System

The McGill Big 3 For Core Stability – Squat University

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How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt (BECAUSE SIT HAPPENS!) | MIND PUMP TV

How To PROPERLY Do The Bird Dog Exercise – Mind Pump TV

The BEST Anti-Rotation Exercises for a Strong Core | MIND PUMP TV

MAPS Fitness Performance | Muscle Adaptation Programming System

MAPS Aesthetic | Muscle Adaptation Programming System

Mind Pump Free Resources

Squat University (@squat_university) on Instagram

Layne Norton, PhD (@biolayne) on Instagram

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Bench Press Heavier Dumbbells (GUARANTEED!)

If you want to bench press heavier dumbbells but seem to be stuck at whatever weight you’re lifting right now, you’re going to want to try what is shown in this video. The best part about this tip is that it is going to work guaranteed, the very next time you pick up a set of dumbbells. The reason it works is due to two reasons.

First of all, it is important to evaluate how you perform a dumbbell bench press right now. Watch the clips shown to see which more closely resembles your form on the bench press when you do it. Be sure to take close note of the position of the rest during and at the top of the press. Does your dumbbell rest centrally in your hand with the weight borne equally between the middle of the radius and the ulna? Or does, your wrist tilt slightly up at the top with the thumb higher than the pinky?

You might think that the best way to perform the dumbbell bench press is to keep the dumbbell level with the floor however it is biomechanically causing a challenge that you do not want if you want to press your heaviest weight possible. The thumbs up position of the wrist does something very important at the end of the radius at the wrist joint. It creates some space that doesn’t currently exist and frees this area up from excessive compression caused by the heavy dumbbell sitting in your hand.

If you take a look at the bones of the radius and ulna you will notice that the radius is slightly longer at the end than the ulna. Anatomically, this can create an impingement or pinching of the structures located in the wrist. When you add a heavy weight to your hand you will see that the pain that is felt can be exacerbated quickly. It becomes quickly obvious that the presence of pinching or discomfort in the wrist is not going to allow you to bench press your heaviest dumbbells possible.

That said, even when there is no pain with pressing the dumbbells you are not positioned in the biomechanically optimal position by performing the dumbbell bench press with a flat hand. The center of gravity shifts when you slide your hand towards the thumb side of the dumbbell but it is able to be centralized by the tilting of the dumbbell down which keeps the weight being borne through both the radius and ulna. So while the dumbbell is still balanced and supported for your strongest pressing, you are getting away from any excessive compression at the radial side of the wrist.

There is a second benefit for taking a thumb side grip on the dumbbell you are about to press as well. This is, that when assuming this grip you want to be sure that you’re squeezing almost all of your effort into the thumb and index finger. Wrap the index finger around the thumb if possible to really focus your squeeze through these two fingers. The other three fingers should be wrapped around for additional stability but should not be the main ones providing the squeeze on the handle.

What happens when this occurs is that you tap into a neurological phenomenon that enables stronger adduction of the arm across the chest with the squeezing of the index finger and thumb. The brachial plexus is an important neurological hub located in the area of the lower cervical spine and upper arm that has branches and cords and divisions of nerves. The nerves are fed from the same common lateral cord of the plexus. Crossover innervation of these nerves allows for the amplification of these paired actions.

You’ll definitely want to try this for yourself.

The bottom line is, when you assume this grip and squeeze through the inner most fingers you will find that you have more power in the press and can instantly press heavier dumbbells. The chest will likely feel more of the engagement as well not only getting you to press more but getting development of the chest muscles as a result.

Try to make this small change in your next dumbbell bench press workout and I promise you will see increases in the weight that you can handle.

If you’re wondering how this translates to the barbell bench press, be sure to watch to the end.

If you want to apply this tip to a complete workout program, be sure to visit and use the program selector tool to find the program that matches your current goals. By training like an athlete you can see some of your fastest increases in strength and muscle size over the next 90 days.

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Clinical Criteria for Nociplastic Pain | Jo Nijs from Pain in motion

Jo Nijs from Pain in Motion, one of the leading researchers in Chronic Pain, explains the clinical criteria for nociplastic pain. This is a video from his online course with Physiotutors. Enroll here:

This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.

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10 Close Control Dribbling Exercises | Improve Your Tight Space Ball Control

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In this video I share 10 dynamic ball mastery exercises you can do with a little bit of space to improve your confidence on the ball and tight space ball control. Ball mastery is one of the simplest but effective ways to get comfortable with the ball at your feet using all the different surface areas to manipulate the ball and gain control. With these 10 exercises you can master controlling the ball in tight spaces and improve your overall ball control.

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