A World Without Waste: Circular Economy | Climate For Change: Closing The Loop | Ep 2/2

Billions of tonnes of food, clothes, electronics, and construction waste end up in landfills across the world every year. Firms and scientists in forward-thinking countries are now formulating circular economy business models, so that waste from one industrial activity is a resource for another. Reusing and recycling will also reduce the drain on nature to produce new materials.

In Part 2 of this documentary series – a century-old tradition of clothes recycling in Italy; a hospital ward in Taipei built from recycled trash; precious materials for high-value manufacturing harvested from Black Soldier flies that feed on food waste; batteries recycled with the aid of discarded orange peel; energy-neutral buildings and circular industrial estates designed to reduce waste and maximise the efficiency of cities.

How can firms, communities and cities unlock lucrative opportunities in closing the resource loop? How can a circular economy move the needle on climate change?

Part 1 of Climate For Change: Closing The Loop: https://youtu.be/0EfsD7xNLIo

About the show: Waste is generated on an epic scale. Unless we go ‘circular,’ it’s game over for the planet. How can waste from one industry become another’s resource? And how do we unlock the economic benefits?
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