Losing Our Jobs In COVID-19: This Is Our Story | Make It Work | Part 1/3 | CNA Documentary

Daryll, Alba and Air find new ways to make ends meet after losing their jobs in the pandemic. Daryll and Alba take on food deliveries, while Air mulls starting a risky new business with the little funds she has left.

In Singapore, Daryll’s mother-in-law pressures him into holding a wedding banquet, even as he fears losing precious time with his newborn by spending all his time trying to earn money. His father fears the toll on Daryll from the long work hours, and true enough an accident happens.

Alba is retrenched from her job as an air stewardess with a Hong Kong airline. Earning little from her food delivery jobs, she decides to turn to her brother for a job. A job which is as unglamourous as it is dirty.

Air used to be a director for business development for an events company, but business dried up as visitors are barred from Thailand. In her bid to start a new business, she turns to a recipe from her grandmother. But starting a business is far more difficult than she thought.

Watch more Make It Work: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkMf14VQEvTbYz0Q4ZPH_rW8_K8ydpC3r

About the show: Peek into the lives of three individuals in three Asian cities, as the global jobs crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic gets personal.
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