Race, Racism, Privilege – What Has Changed In Singapore?

Does majority privilege exist, how should we feel about the term, and what can those who enjoy it do? And for Singaporeans of the minority races, have things gotten better or worse for them – in terms of mcro-aggressions or outright discrimination they face?
Five years after the ground-breaking documentary Regardless Of Race (https://youtu.be/a8fZaujJijo). CNA brings back some former participants and host, Janil Puthucheary, chairman of OnePeople.sg, to discuss where Singapore is now on racial relations.

This comes after a series of recent incidents, including one in June 2021 when former Ngee Ann polytechnic lecturer Tan Boon Lee was caught on video confronting an interracial couple, Dave Parkash and Jacqueline Ho. Tan has since issued an apology for his racist remarks. https://cna.asia/3AIOuj6 .

00:00 A recap of the social experiment on racial privilege in the 2016 documentary
01:01 Have things changed for the minority races in Singapore in 2021?
02:22 Why should it take a viral racist video to get the conversation going?
02:45 Examples of microaggression on the MRT and from landlords
03:28 What can those with ‘majority privilege’ do? Offer allyship, validate your minority friends’ voices, check your privilege and educate yourself.

Watch the full episodes of:
Regardless Of Race: Will We Ever Get There? (Live forum 2021) : https://youtu.be/_naIuX0JgRM
Regardless Of Race: Where Does Singapore Stand On Race Relations? (Documentary 2016) : https://youtu.be/a8fZaujJijo

Interracial Couples React To Viral Racist Video: https://youtu.be/PbIwUpX6xBk
Kids & Racism: https://youtu.be/Ygv82yImfPk
Indian Catholic + Chinese Buddhist: https://youtu.be/9TujTdQX4R8
Malay Muslim + Chinese Catholic: How An Interracial Marriage Works: https://youtu.be/_rzEwer2108


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