Dumbbell and Band Glute Building At Home Workout


Here’s a glute 🍑 session you can do with just dumbbells and a band, whether at home, or if you’re on the road in a hotel with limited equipment.

Make sure you make the load challenging!

1️⃣ DB Reverse Lunge to Loaded High Knee 4 x 8/side

2️⃣ DB RDL 1 and 1/2 Reps 3 x 12

3️⃣ DB Side Lunge w/ Reach 3 x 10/side

4️⃣ DB Glute Bridge w/ Band External Rotation 3 x 15-20

5️⃣ Band Walks w/ 3-way Tap 3 x 75 seconds

Try it out and let us know how the workout went 👇🏼

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