8 Minute Follow Along Metabolic 🔥 Stretching Workout (burns fat)

Stretch Your Way LEAN in Just Minutes a Day!

Here’s a fun and super quick dynamic stretching routine you can do ANYWHERE to not only warm up and stretch your muscles but also get your blood pumping and get your metabolism going.

This is great as a warm up before a more intense resistance / strength training workout OR functions great on its own. If you want more, do more rounds! Coach Brian Klepacki and coach Chris Wilson have some fun together as usual taking you through this 8 minute metabolic stretching routine.

Here is your 8 minute follow along metabolic stretching workout…

45 secs ON / 15 secs OFF
2 Rounds of 4 Exercises

1. Step Jack
2. Cross Body Bicycle
3. Windmills
4. World’s Greatest Stretch

Hope you enjoyed today’s amazing stretching workout. Do this any time or anywhere for a super fast and fun total body exercise routine. Thanks for watching!! Be sure to give this video a great big thumbs up, subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and please leave us a question or comment below, we’d love to hear from you!!

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