5 Landmine Back Exercises for Wider, THICKER Back Muscles

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BIG Frank Rich is back at the Critical Bench Compound to show you 5 landmine back exercises for building a stronger, thicker back. What makes these 5 back exercises so great is that they hit all the major muscles of the back for more complete lats, rhomboids, traps and lumbar development.

Setting up a barbell landmine can be done by wedging the barbell into a corner area or by using the barbell anchor at the base of a power rack. Be sure it’s secure and safe before attempting the exercises.

If you’re a beginner, be sure to use light weight and do these movements correctly. It doesn’t take much weight to feel these exercises and hit that back hard.

5 Landmine Back Exercises for Wider, Thicker Back Muscles

1. V-Bar Row
2. Rope Upright Row
3. Handle 1-Arm Row
4. Meadows Row
5. Deadlift

Enjoy! Add these to your back workouts for that thicker V taper you’ve always wanted. Thank you for watching the Critical Bench YouTube channel. Be sure to give Frank a great big thumbs up, subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and leave us a comment or question below… we’d love to hear from you.

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