Movement Screen Assessment | 4 Clearance tests you can use for your clients

Learn how to do part of a movement screen assessment in the form of 4 different clearance tests. In this video, we teach you how to clear your clients for performance using a back extension test, back flexion test, dorsiflexion test and a shoulder test.

This video is taken from our PT Core course, which is for Personal Trainers around the world who are looking to upskill their knowledge and success of their business.

Many trainers will design a programme for their clients before performing any clearing tests to begin with which is not a good idea. These clearance tests will ensure that your client can perform basic movement patterns with no pain.

If a client has pain or discomfort through any of these tests, it is important that you refer them to a doctor/physio so that they can clear them for exercise. This will keep the client safe whilst also keeping you safe from prescribing exercises that could harm your client.

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