Shoulder Feel Better Mobility Exercises (Part 1)

Do soft tissue work first, and then incorporated these exercises to improve your shoulder health (I’ll share more in the coming days…)

1️⃣ The Bretzel

Lay your head on a roller, grab your bottom foot with your hand, and bring your knee up with the top foot while pushing it down with the hand.

Create 5 seconds of tension by pulling the leg in the back and pushing the knee in the front (while you try to bring the knee up, and the back foot forward – this creates a lot of tension.

Exhale and rotate your upper back as you do. Repeat this 3-4x and then hold the end rage position for 60 seconds while breathing.

2️⃣ Seated T-spine Rotation

Squeeze the roller between your legs and exhale as your rotate. When you get to end range take another deep breath in through your nose, exhale through the mouth, and work on getting some more rotation. Repeat for 5-6 reps per side.

3️⃣ KB Pullover on Foam Roller

Put the foam roller on the segments of your upper back that don’t have much extension & you want to work on mobility. Bring your hips up.

Control the KB overhead, exhale & feel the stretch in your lats & extension in the upper back. Make sure you have a long spine & packed neck. Do 6-8 reps.

4️⃣ Wall Pec Stretch/Thoracic Rotation

Lean your chest and shoulder into the wall on one side & pretend you’re doing a wall push up. Push the wall away you’ll get upper back rotation & a pec stretch.

Make sure the shoulder on the wall is in a good position. Exhale as you push away & turn your neck as you rotate. Repeat for 6-8 reps.

5️⃣ Seated Wall Dowell Press

Sit yourself all the way up to the wall so that your butt, low back, upper back & back of the head are touching the wall (really work on not arching your low back).

Start with the dowel on top of your head & arms at 90 degrees. Push the elbow & back of the hand against the wall (if your mobility doesn’t allow it, do your best to be as close as possible).

Slowly press up keeping contact with the wall for 6-8 reps.

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