WINNING MY MENS PHYSIQUE SHOW!! – The Debut – Episode 10

Yes guys, welcome back to our channel! Now the dust has settled and I had enough time to sit down and reflect on how my prep went, I thought it would be a perfect time to make a video to wrap up the Debut. First of all, I want to show my appreciation to those who congratulated me on my show wins and respected my journey. I have had a few people tell me that I have inspired them which is one of the biggest compliment you can get! Some of them said they are considering competing soon so I thought I would also include some tips in this video which people who are thinking to compete can learn from.

We are straight into off-season right now and the plan to get as big as possible… So make sure you like, comment and have subscribed to the channel to see how we changed up things to ensure we make sure we grow in all areas .. Operation Get Massive is in FULL FORCE!!

If you would like any support in meeting your fitness goals then head over to my website and choose a package that suits you! I am now offering online coaching and VERY LIMITED personal training slots.

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