Beginner Balance Exercises with a Balance Trainer 💥 BOSU Workout

#1 Deep Nerve In Your Foot Keeping Your Upright & Stable

Coach Tonya Fines loves training with the bosu balance trainer among other things. Here are some of the best beginner level exercises using a BOSU balance trainer. 8 exercises are demonstrated by Tonya that will help improve your balance. While these exercises are simple in nature be sure to go at your own pace based on your level of comfort and experience.

If some of these exercises are too much for you, then skip them for now until your ability improves. Over time as you spend time doing these exercises you will begin to get more comfortable with the bosu and how you react and respond to being on an unstable environment. Then you can incorporate all 8 of them and most likely factor in some more more challenging bosu exercises found in other video content on the Critical Bench channel.

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