How To Goblet Squat | with Squat Progressions

Learn how to goblet squat properly. In this video, we demonstrate the baseline movement of the squat and how to teach the goblet squat to your client.

This video is taken from our PT Core course, which is for Personal Trainers around the world who are looking to upskill their knowledge and success of their business.

By default, Personal Trainers tend to go straight to the back squat but the majority of personal training clients tend to be general population. The goblet squat is a great baseline movement to perfect before progressing.

We go through teaching the goblet squat using the PTC:


We look at the common dysfunctions of the squat and how to correct them with your personal training clients during the goblet squat tutorial.

At the end of the video we show you the squat progressions using our squat exercise continuum, showing you from easiest to hardest squat variations.

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