The 2-Minute Sit Out Challenge

We’ll use bodyweight challenges in our Team Training or as additional conditioning at the end of strength training sessions. It’s also a great way test if you are improving.

The sit out is a full body movement that requires co-ordination, core, hips, shoulders, and everything in between 🙂

@thedailykeslsey and I go through the 2-minute challenge in real time and you’ll see us putting in the work and die a little (especially since we already did a whole bunch of other challenges before).

A couple of tips:

✅ Start in a crawl position
✅ Turn your hips out all the way with your chest facing the ceiling
✅ Think “reach” with your foot (ideally you’d have cones that mark where your foot has to reach).
✅ Try not to let your butt drop to the floor
✅ Break it up however you want to get as many reps in 2-minutes as possible

Test yourself and let us know how you do 👇🏽

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