Best Exercises for Golfer’s Elbow (Strengthening, Stretches, and Modifications Based on Research)


Those with golfer’s elbow typically experience pain along the inside part of the elbow, near the medial epicondyle of the humerus, with gripping, twisting, lifting, and other similar movements.

In this video, we walk you through exercises, sets, reps and rationale taken directly from day 2 of our Golfer’s elbow program. 

Additionally, we answer some common questions people have regarding the topic.

Introduction (0:00)
Exercises (1:33)
Do exercises need to be completely pain free? (5:54)
Can you continue with other lifts? (6:33)
Can you continue playing sports? (7:18)
Summary (7:39)

Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.

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